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Common Labs Honey Vitamin C Real Gel Mask

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2 step mask with finger pad for mild peeling for the best effect, dead skin cells should be removed before applying any type of sheet mask. The Vitamin C Sheet mask is an all-in-one sheet mask containing a finger peeling pad, which effectively removes dead skin cells and any dirt left on your skin. Containing AHA and BHA the sheet mask delivers a mild peeling effect

Contains Vitamin C complex to help brighten, boost collagen, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Each mask contains 33ml of essence with honey and propolis extracts for intense moisturizing effect. Honey is one of the best natural ingredients to provide and maintain moisture in your skin. Propolis contains Flavonoid, a natural anti-aging ingredient that helps to protect vitamin destruction.

Thick gel type essence delivers active ingredients deeply into your skin without drying up. The generous amount of essence allows you to also use it for your face and neck.

The sheet mask is made of cupra that perfectly adheres to your skin with extra softness and effective absorption of essence.

Volume Step 1: 60ml, Step 2: 33ml


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